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Master Box "British Infantry in action: North Africa, WWII era" in 1/35th Scale

This is an exciting set based on five British “Desert Rats” Infantry soldiers advancing into battle.  

The Kit:

Contains 1 sprue with 76 pieces that have no flash.

It has five British Infantry advancing towards battle. One officer (with a pistol and comes with two right arms for variation). One NCO with the Thompson SMG (The Thompson machine gun appears to be the M1928A1 (which had the fore grip and  had its charging handle was on the top of the receiver. They also give you the 50 round drum, a 20 and a 30 round box magazines. And three enlisted one with the Bren gun and two with Lee-Enfield rifles.

The weapons, uniforms and equipment look accurate.


It appears that Master Box has given us another great looking figure set to support King and Country in the deserts of North Africa.

The uniforms and equipment are covered in numerous books, so information on these should not be too hard to find.

My “Build Review” should follow in a few months Overall this should build into an outstanding replica and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures.  I would like to thank Alexander Surzhenko of Master Box Models for the review kit.


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