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Master Box “Woman at War”: Germany, Luftwaffe Helferinnen in 1/35th Scale

This is Master Box’s 2nd release of a “Woman at War” series.


By early 1940 the need for servicemen to be released from office administration work for combat duty resulted in women being recruited for the German Army as, amongst other things, Air Force Female Assistants (Luftwaffenhelferinnen).

The Luftwaffe Helferinnen were auxiliaries as in the WAAF (Women's Auxiliary Air Force) in the UK and WAACS (Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps Services) in the USA. They provided support in everything from communications to maintenance but, they did not fly. There were female pilots that flew but only in a “non combat” role. These woman were already pilots before the Nazis came to power. But there was no comparable program for training or utilizing women as pilots. 

By 1943 the increase in the scale of the Allied bombing offensive against the German Reich, and the growing decrease in those areas under German occupation, resulted in many Luftwaffenhelferinnen being transferred from the office duties to assist in the air protection services. Many women were drafted into the Luftwaffe to fill the depleted ranks of the Reich air defense system.

Volunteers drawn from the Luftwaffenhelferinnenkorps were employed to act as auxiliary crews operating searchlight units, serving on anti-aircraft fixed battery sites and operating sound-locating and radar apparatus. They were formed into Flakwaffen-Helferinnen units stationed within the borders of Germany, and although they were not members of armed forces, they were governed by military regulations and discipline. They were distinguished by a special arm badge, which was worn on the right upper arm of their uniform.

The Kit:

Contains 1 sprue with 39 pieces that have no flash.

It has two female figures:  Both are Luftwaffe Helferinnen.

There are two male figures: One is in a pilot’s uniform and the other is in a German officers’ uniform and can be painted to represent Heer (Regular Army).

As and added bonus you get a “Great Dane” dog.


It appears that Master Box has another release that will fill a void that is not very common in plastic figures. 

I highly recommend getting the Osprey “Men-at-arms” #393 World War II German Woman’s Auxiliary Services by Gordon Williamson, and illustrated by Ramiro Bujeiro, you will find all the information on painting these figures accurately.

My “Build Review” should follow in a few months Overall this should build into an outstanding replica of German Luftwaffe Helferinnen and German Officers during World War II, and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures.  I would like to thank Alexander Surzhenko of Master Box Models for the review kit.


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