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Master Box “U.S. Civil War Series: Yankee Scout and Tracker" in 1/35th Scale

This is Master Box’s 1st release in the “US Civil War” series. 


During the Civil War 1861-1865 Both the Union and the Confederacy used Scouts and Trackers. The Indian Wars were also conducted from 1850-1890 and this set can be used for that time period too. Local Indian Trackers were widely used (and the waring tribes of Indians were more than glad to assist the Army in tracking down other tribes. Some because it helped them fight former waring tribes and some saw that the Army had better weapons and knew that their way of life was going to change. The Army was more than happy to use the Indians as trackers because they were extremely adapt to that skill. I am in no way shape or form an expert on this time frame.

The Kit:

Contains 2 sprues with 50pieces that have no flash.

It has two figures:  One Union (or US Cavalry) Scout and one Indian Tracker.

It also contains two horses (one with a saddle for the Scout and one with a blanket for the Tracker).

One of the pieces even represent horse poop that the Tracker is checking out.


It appears that Master Box has another release that will fill a void that is not very common in plastic figures, and has lots of room for other sets in this time frame.

I highly recommend getting the Osprey “Men-at-arms” #168 US Cavalry on the Plains 1850–90. Written by Philip Katcher and Illustrated by Ronald Volstad, where you will find all the information on painting these figures accurately. Or “Men-at-arms” #63 The American Indian Wars 1860–90  also written by Philip Katcher and Illustratored by Gerry Embleton.Osprey has numerous other books covering this era and different Indian Nations and their specific garb.

My “Build Review” should follow in a few months Overall this should build into an outstanding replica of A US Calvary Scout and his Indian Tracker, and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures.  I would like to thank Alexander Surzhenko of Master Box Models for the review kit.


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