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Master Box “Type 170 V, Tourenwagen, 4 Türen: German Military Car, WW-II era" in 1/35th Scale Kit MB35100

This is another vehicle kit based on the German Military Car (Type 170 V).  

The Kit:

Contains 6 sprues (4 molded in grey plastic, 1 clear plastic and 1 set of rubber tires) with 176pieces that have no flash. And a great set of decals for 9 different vehicles (4 Heer – German Army, 2 Luftwaffe – Air Force, 2 Marine – Navy, and 1 Fieldpollzei – Military Police).

It appears to be an excellent scale model of the Type 170 V four cylinder German civilian car pressed into military service during World War II. It is complete with and engine that can be super detailed if you plan to show it off. It comes with two different fuel tanks (early and late versions) which is located under the hood (or bonnet for our British modelers). It can be displayed 4 different ways (roof up windows down, roof up windows up, roof down windows up, roof down windows down).

The weapons:

2 Kar 98 rifles are provided to be displayed in the racks in the back seat area and look accurate.


Once againMaster Box has another great looking model. There are endless uses for this vehicle and only your imagination will limit you to how and where you want to display it.

I did not find a lot of information on this vehicle, although I have seen pictures of it being used in Military Service in numerous books.

Overall this should build into an outstanding replica and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys military soft skinned vehicles. I would like to thank Alexander Surzhenko of Master Box Models for the review kit.


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