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MoDio base NumberKit BM-004 "European Arch with base" in 1/35th Scale

This is one of many bases that Num (Narongkorn Wongwaen) has made, all of which are beautiful. He has Small, Medium (which this is) and Large bases. If you are looking for a really cool base to display your work on, one of these might fit the build. Check out their facebook page, here is their new site there: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1807189213999&set=a.1807188613984.102110.1067991446&type=1#!/pages/MoDio-Thailand/185363594813328 Num is an outstanding modeler in his own right and has marketed a bunch of really cool bases that will enhance or display many different models. The detail is outstanding and very crisp. The price is 350.00 Thai Baht or about $11.41 in US Dollars (depending on the current exchange rate of the day).

The European Arch with base Kit # BM-004:

Contains 2 pieces of plaster which is finely molded with great detail and requires little or no sanding/clean up.

Part 1:

is the base (groundwork) and consists of a hard packed roadway and a damaged brick sidewalk (Or maybe the whole road was brick once? Only your imagination can decide.) closest to the half circle stone steps leading up to Part 2 the arched stone entrance. This can be pretty much any area of Southern Europe and can display a small vehicle and or figures.

Part 2

was received “cleanly” broken in two places, which is no problem at all and can (I intend to add more battle damage anyways) be repaired with “elmers” white glue the same way part 2 (the arched stone entrance) will be attached to part 1 (the roadway) base. (I spoke with April and gave her a suggestion on shipping which barring any mishandling by the postal service should get yours to you without any damage). They are also going to see about using a stronger plaster, but I'm sure it will arrive safely.

Repair to the damaged parts and clean up took about 10 minutes. The battle damage that I plan to make to it might take a bit longer, but it's easy to work with and looks great. I can't wait to get some paint on this beauty.

I finished it and added balsa wood doors (my build review should follow soon). 

I highly recommend this kit for anyone who enjoys displaying small dioramas/vignettes or figures. I would like to thank Anarongkor (Num) Wongwaen and Apiradee (April) Wongwaen of MoDio Models for the review kit.

Apriadee (April) can be reached via these methods ifyou have any questions.

Business and marketing Director-MoDio

+66 (0)81 855 4790

apirthan@ hotmail.com

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