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Man Down! – US Modern Army, Middle East, Present Day. 1/35th Scale, Kit # MB35170 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 votes.

Man Down! – US Modern Army, Middle East, Present Day. 1/35th Scale, Kit # MB35170

This is another modern set based on US Army forces in the Middle East, protecting and retrieving a wounded comrade.

The Kit:

Contains 1 sprue with 85 pieces that have no flash.

This set gives you four (4) US Army soldiers. One is wounded and down on the ground, while another is trying to drag him to safety. The other two are vehicle based (Vehicle not included). One is hanging out of the door of the vehicle calling for assistance on the radio, while the other is manning the heavy weapons system on that vehicle. They show them on both the Up-Armored HUMMVE and the MRAP. All of them are loaded down with equipment to include: Camel Back hydration systems, Body armor, Holstered Pistols etc... Weapons provided for the figures include: MP7 with ACOG and Grenade Launcher, M-4 with EOTEC site, M-4 with Grenade Launcher and M-249 SAW with Aimpoint (variant) site and a Beretta M-9 Pistol. All the weapons (except the pistol) have some sort of telescopic/hydrographic sight system attached) please forgive me if I have the wrong one listed as there are so many new and similar systems being used today.

The weapons, uniforms and equipment look accurate.


Another outstanding Modern US Infantry set.

The uniforms and equipment are covered in numerous books, so information on these should not be too hard to find.

Overall this should build into an outstanding replica and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys figures. I would like to thank Alexander Surzhenko of Master Box Models for the review kit.


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